Click to enlargeGraco FinishPro 9.5 ProComp Series<br><br>Includes:<br><br>Edge II PLUS Gun<br><br>1 Quart Cup with FlexLiner <br><br>#3, #4 and #5 Quick Release Fluid Sets<br><br>30ft Super Flex Air Hose with 4ft Whip Hose<br><br>2 Quart Remote Cup 5ft Material and Air Hose<br><br>Order Help Line 888-822-9214<br><br>Free Shipping

ProComp Series Features

Remote 2 Quart Cup with Onboard Air Compressor

5' Material and Air Hose Keeps Gun Separate from the Cup
Increases Material Capacity to 2 Quart
Adjustable Material Pressure

SmartStart Turbine
Automatically Shuts Off Turbine When Not In Use
Reduces Jobsite Noise, Resulting in Less Fatigue
Automatic Shut-Off Reduces Heat and Extends Turbine Life

TurboControl System with LED Display
Adjust The TurboForce Turbine Speed To Match the Performance You Require
Reduces Heat Build Up
Exclusive, Proprietary Turbine Design Builds More Pressure Through Each Stage
Resulting in More Performance At The Gun
More Air Flow and Air Pressure Means Higher Production with Less Thinning of Material
Generates Less Heat and Provides Longer Turbine Life

Turbo Control System
Adjust the TurboForce Turbine Speed to Match the Performance you Require
Reduce Heat Build Up
Runs Quieter
Extends Turbine Systems Life

Standard Filtration System
Washable Filter Extends Motor Life and Ensures a Quality Finish
No Tools Required to Remove
Outperforms Foam Filters Commonly Found on Other HVLP Systems<

Edge II Plus Gun
Ultimate Control With Independent User Controls for Material, Air Flow, and Spray Fan Sizes
4X More Productivity
Flexliner Bag System

Super Flex Air Hose
15% Lighter Than Other Leading Brands For More Control at the Gun
No Tools Needed To Connect

FlexLiner Paint Bag System
FlexLiner Paint Bag System Replaces Traditional Material Cups
Spray at Any Angle with No Adjustment, Even Upside Down!

Stainless Steel Tough Box Design
Rugged All Steel Enclosure Protects the Turbine on the Job and During Transport
50% Smaller Size
30% Lighter

Utility Tool Box
Separate Tool Storage for Extra Needle and Nozzles

On-Board Gun and Cup Holder
Holds Gun When Not In Use
Allows for Easy Paint Refills with Less Spills

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FinishPro 9.5
ProComp Series
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