Capspray HVLP Gun Master Cleaning Kit<br><br>22 Piece Kit<br><br>Order Help Line 888-822-9214<br><br>Free Ground Shipping<br><br>Everything Needed to Clean & Maintain Any Type Of Spray Gun

Cleans Fluid Tip, Air Cap, Air Passage and Exterior of Gun: Kit Includes
Storage Case
6pc. Precision Needle Set
Handle For Precision Needle
Handle For Detail End Brush
3pc. Detail End Brush Set: 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2"
12" Pick-Up Tube Brush
5pc. Precision Mini Twisted Brush
Brass Power Pick-Up Tube Brush
1/4" HVLP Brush
1/2" Body Cavity Brush

Capspray HVLP Gun Master Cleaning KIt
22 Piece Kit
Free Ground Shipping

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